Noel Hendrickson Noel Hendrickson

about noel

Based in Vancouver,  Noel Hendrickson is an internationally recognized commercial photographer.  Known for his ability to spot the 'in-between' moments, Noel captures his subjects true emotions through his unique form of visual storytelling.   Noel was born on the prairies where he developed an appreciation for the land, but the ocean is where his heart is.   He lives on the mountain in Vancouver with his beautiful wife Christine, son Finn and their two pugs Phil and Allan.

** A note on Remote Shooting
The new normal that is Remote Shooting, has actually felt very seamless and effective for me. Obviously nothing can really replace the kind of collaborative atmosphere and direct feedback that occurs when we are all on set together, but I have found, that on our shoots this past year with remote clients and agency, everything has gone extremely well.  I have immense trust in our highly functioning and incredibly talented local producers and crew; they will immediately put you at ease and instill a high level of confidence from the get-go.
I always make sure that nothing gets lost in (digital) translation.