Noel Hendrickson Noel Hendrickson


Based in Vancouver, Noel Hendrickson is an internationally recognized commercial photographer, director and story teller.  Known for his ability to spot 'the extraordinary' in those subtle 'in-between' moments.  Noel captures his subjects true emotions through his unique form of visual storytelling.  Curiosity has always been front and center in Noel's mind and it drives his creativity.  Noel was born on the prairies where he developed an appreciation for the land and wide-open spaces, but the ocean is where his heart is.  He now lives on the mountain, next to the sea in Vancouver.

"As a child I was inspired by my father and grandfather; they showed me the value of working hard for something and seeing it through to a finished product.  They always taught me to set an example by being the first to volunteer, out-work those around you and take on the most difficult tasks at hand.  I have certainly applied those messages in my approach to photography and will do everything I can to tell the stories that I am collaborating on.  I also surround myself with an incredible team who are the best at what they do.  I'm most proud of how our team comes together through adversity and stressful moments on set to constantly create beautiful imagery and motion for our clients.   My friends will tell you that my collection of work experience is eclectic to say the least.  I have brought forth this learned work ethic through a ridiculous variety of careers:  paperboy, fence building/painting, pet store sales, sprinkler installation, Pizza Hut chef, mens wear sales, bartender, server, security, bouncer, go-cart mechanic and operations, car detailing, oil refinery worker, dishwasher, ice cream sales, aquarium promotion, aquarium educator, silver service waiter, deli sales, tourist map sales, grocery store clerk, dive store sales, divemaster, environmental technician, fisheries biologist, teacher, landscaper, forest fire-fighter, and photographer/director."

"Some of my favorite moments while shooting are when I'm fully embedded in the action, whether it be on a week-long destination/lifestyle shoot with a family or underwater shooting Navy Seal training - I love being in the thick of it.  To me, photography is really about how you choose to experience your environment and how you tell that story.   So many memorable moments on set seem to involve being uncomfortable and suffering through, all the while laughing and loving it:  I remember my legs falling asleep while we waited several hours in -40C for a polar bear family to come into frame and then there is one of the coldest moments of my life hovering over a glacier, hanging out the door of a heli in icy temperatures with frozen fingers waiting for a luxury train to emerge from behind a mountain pass, there was also that time my assistant and I were standing waist deep in a lake shooting paddle-boarding while the mosquitoes had their way with us and my ankles will never let me forget being attacked by swarming fires ants while capturing portraits in Hawaii"