Noel Hendrickson Noel Hendrickson

Client Testimonials

"Without hesitation, I would recommend and work with Noel and his team, time and time again. Recently we completed a very complex multi day photo & video shoot where Noel directed and was the primary photographer that involved 54+ talent over 6 days. They were long days, with one of them being an overnight shoot, all with extensive shot lists and navigating through an operational international airport. We shot on 3 different planes, pre-security and post security and each day had its own unique set of challenges.The project required the most extensive planning for logistics of crew, equipment, client, agency, security and Airport Authorities. To say it was not an easy shoot would be an understatement. But we prevailed and the shots captured are stunning! Noels vision, dedication and passion to the project shows in each and every shot. When are we doing the next one?"

Claire Khan - Producer - Rethink

“Noel and his team are miracle workers. We had a complex, multi-day, on-location shoot involving 12 different talent in a variety of outdoor locations ranging from “Garden” to “Underwater.” Noel was directing motion and shooting stills for this expansive campaign in Miami. The kicker? A freak late-season hurricane that threw all kinds of wrenches into our plans, requiring almost impossible resourcefulness and agility. Looking at the beautiful shots now, no one would ever know the trials Noel and team pushed through to get us a flawless end result. Clients and agency alike were thrilled, and I’m so looking forward to partnering with Noel again in the future.”

Trisha Salge - Associate Creative Director - McCann Health

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Noel to create an image library for Bank of America and their expanding markets. We covered seven cities over four separate trips and shot thousands of photos. It was an immense undertaking and Noel and his team absolutely crushed it. His authentic approach to crafting scenes, guiding our talent and keen eye for detail created a catalog of imagery that was breathtaking. We at the agency and our clients were overjoyed with the outcome. Noel’s professionalism and photographic talent might only be surpassed by his knowledge of sushi. All of which made the weeks we spent together as tasty as they were productive."

Michael Eaton - VP Director, Creative - Groupeconnect

"Noel is an incredibly creative thinker; watching the way he works and the content he captures is truly remarkable. He provides consistently beautiful work, while hitting on all aspects of the ask/brief. He's willing to pivot to address notes, but will also stand up for the creative vision when he sees fit. He looks for unexpected angles and perspectives while capturing genuine and authentic moments. We had a complex week-long shoot, with many different locations and over 50 talent. The delivered images make the days look easy and effortless. I look forward to working with him again in the future."

Abrie Miller - Creative Lead - Rethink